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Chronic Disease Management

At Edgeworth Family Practice we pride ourselves on our comprehensive and holistic Chronic Disease Management regime.

We realise every patient is unique and has individual health care needs, lifestyles, goals and preferences. It is our goal to work closely with our patients to develop an individualised plan to achieve and maintain their health at an optimal level. This also helps to prevent hospitalisations that could have been prevented by better management and support.

What is a “chronic disease”?

Sounds scary right? In fact, a chronic disease is any medical condition which lasts, or is likely to last 6 months or longer. Some chronic diseases may be mild and curable over time. Others may be with you for the rest of your life. Whatever conditions you may have been diagnosed with, we will work with you to keep the symptoms at bay and prevent complications as much as we can.

How can we help you manage your chronic disease?

There are so many variables for managing chronic medical issues. This will depend on what condition/s you have been diagnosed with, whether you are dealing with any symptoms, as well as many other factors.

We ordinarily see our patients with chronic medical issues for a bulk billed appointment every 3 – 4 months to put together an individual plan with them. This includes setting goals to manage known conditions. Your chronic medical condition may be managed with simple monitoring, medication, tests, lifestyle changes, inclusion of specialist physicians or allied health professionals, or a combination of these things.

If you think you have a chronic medical condition that is not diagnosed, or have a diagnosed condition and feel you would benefit from a care plan, please book in with your GP to discuss it.

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